Cast-On with Circulars

What is the best cast-on for doing a flat project on circulars?

I normally do a cable cast-on. Is that a good one, or should I use something else?

I use a long-tail cast on for everything, circular or flat knitting.

Me too, with a few exceptions where another is better.

Just use what you’re comfortable with.


[color=indigo]Another vote for the Long Tail Cast On. Tried others and they are way too futzy for me. Then again, I really hate casting on… :grrr: [/color]

I was thinking -
I am knitting the front and then the back, then sewing them together.

Should I just do the Provisional CO, so I can do a 3-needle BO to join, rather than having to pick up all the sts on the CO end to join.

Me too with the long tail.

I’m not sure what difference it would make whether you were casting on with straights or circulars. Someone want to enlighten me? :shrug:

Unless you’re knitting a sweater sideways (which is a legitmate method) usually you’re not joining your CO edges together. The CO is usually the bottom hem (or the top if you’re knitting from the neck down) of the sweater. It’s the selveges (sides) you will sew together, usually using mattress stitch.

You CAN use a 3NBO for a seam at the shoulders though (the left and rigth fronts to the back), just don’t bind off the top stitches of the shoulders of the back and fronts.

Sorry, I forget to say what I was knitting. I’m making a double sided afghan (See Afghan Questions).

:oops: Then you sure could use a provisional CO.

Here is a video for a really easy one!

No difference at all.
exactly as you surmised.