Cast on when stiches are already on needle

I am making a Military Helmet Liner and the pattern calls for casting on 59 stiches when there are already 32 stiches on the needle and no stiches on the left hand needle. I have tried the Backward Loop cast on and ended up with extra yarn between the right needle and left after I started knitting again. I have viewed the videos for Knitted and Cable cast on and don’t understand how to do these when on end of the yarn is already attached to the right needle. HELP! please.

Knitted or cabled cast ons are the best for that situation. I don’t like backward loop for lots of stitches for the same reason.

Are you knitting in the round or flat?

I would reccomend the cable cast on. Turn your work so that all stitches are on the left needle. Do the cable cast on by pulling the yarn through the stitch closest to the tip without lifting that off. Then put that stitch on the left needle again. do the same thing through this stitch. and so on.
the cable cast on is in the videos as you know.

If you’re going to pick up sts in the ones you cast on (like for a ribbed band) then a knit CO is easier to pick up from. If it’ll be an exposed edge, then the cable CO looks more finished.

This is the best knitting site. Thank you for your help. :muah: You’ll probably hear from me again before this project is complete. Now I’m not scared to try new things.:woot: