Cast on when I'm already working a row?

“continue ribbing for 62 rows, end with 2nd row. Cast on 47 stitches at beginning of next row for sleeves.”

This pattern was written in the '40’s, so the jargon is a bit different, but it uses pick up stitches elsewhere, so I didn’t think that was what the pattern meant.

Any ideas?

I’d use the backward loop cast on and cast on the stitches at the end of the row (which, of course, would be the beginning of the next row.)

Dear Ingrid,

You’ve replied to my queries a couple of times, and I thank you, as this site is how I’m learning how to knit. But I read your “trust the pattern” and took it to heart as I completed the front of the Tatania sweater pattern in the free patterns tab. I finally googled the pattern, and found someone else who had made the pattern, and discovered that where the pattern said dec, it should have read inc. Is there any way to change the pattern on the site here, because she wrote to Borroco and they never did anything. I just want to change it before someone else has to do all of the ripping out I’ve had to do.

But thanks for all of your great answers to my questions.

Amy L.

When I say “trust the pattern,” it’s more to not over-think or analyze too much and just follow the directions. Of course, there are patterns with errors out there, though. :rollseyes:

I’ll bring up your post to Amy and see if she can change it.

Oh no, I hope you still are able to finish the sweater Amy, sorry to hear about the error!

I can’t do anything to change Berroco’s site, of course, but I’ll mention the error with the link to their pattern, and I’ll also link to the blog you mentioned where she details the error.

Sorry you had to be the test subject!

Deana from Berroco wrote back and said she’d change it in their site. I must say, knitters are the friendliest and most helpful internet users there are!

I’m learning how to do the increases that need to be done from your videos!

Thanks, Amy :smiley: