Cast on: what am i doing wrong?

:frowning: i just cant seem to get an even, snug cast on for my scarf

i want to do either single or double ribbing, so did the longtail cast on for it. but once i knit the first row, i can see that the cast on stitches are all ‘holey’ and uneven.

whats going on? :oops:

just keep knitting. especially if this is one of your first attempts. it is hard to get a real good look at what is going on with the cast on when you are only on the first row. just keep knitting! :thumbsup:

Also, a lot depends on your yarn and needles. Some combinations are just more holey than others.


yea ok i might go try work on it for longer. just that with the last scarf i did in the same way, the cast on end was quite holey, whereas the cast off was very neat.

and i dont want to have that happen here again. surely i can have both ends the same!

have you ever checked your gauge compared to the suggested gauge for the yarn and needles you are using? are you using the needle size that the label suggests for the yarn?

If it’s any comfort, cast on stitches and bind off stitches don’t match. They’re just done too differently.

The only way to truly match is to do a provisional cast on at the beginning, with leaves live stitches. Then you can put them on your needles and bind them off–two bound off edges that match!

Also, with ribbing, it can look really quite wonky until you’ve done several rows when it starts actually looking like ribbing. Give it a good 5 or 6 rows, the ribs will start to pull in like they’re supposed to and I bet you won’t even notice those cast on stitches anymore.

actually i have a feeling i might even be doing the cast on inccorectly!

could anyone help me on this one? like any good online instructions or something that would make it more clear for me?

forgive me if i am pointing out the obvious but did you try out the videos here?

HAHA yeah i did, but i wonder if there is something else i can compare it with?

some reason, i thought i followed the video, but something still doesnt seem right.

or i’m just not patient?

If you try Googling “long-tail cast on knitting” I’m sure you’ll hook up with lots of sites that may have a visual that works better for you. :thinking:

well this is where i learned to do the basics before i found this place. maybe it will give you another view?

Depending on the yarn you are using, the uneveness will wash itself out too.

help! ok i finally have the cast on done right.

but its so hard to knit the first row after that…

im using baby yarn on 3.25mm needles.

can i cast on on 4mm needles then transfer it? or will that make it too loose?

also, if i want to do 2.2 ribbing…do i just cast on, then go straight to ribbing or do i need to like knit a row first? because the cast on seems to sort of “undo” itself when i start to rib.
:XX: :doh: :crying:

a lot of people cast on to a larger needle and then just start knitting off on to the correct needle size. the first row is always a little bit harder than the rest to knit but if it is REALLY hard you probably cast on too tight, which is why it would be a good idea to cast on to a larger needle size, or i like casting on over two needles and then pulling one needle out. it does depend on the size needle you are using though. I wouldn’t “transfer” the stitches per se though…i would just cast on to the larger needle and knit with the correct size…less chance of losing stitches.

as far as what to do with the first row, generally you are going to start the pattern right away but there have been times when i have knit the first row. there is no requirement to do anything…so do what you want! :wink: