Cast-on vs. chart count

I am working on Tiger eye scarf. Instructions say c o 31.
Maintain 3 st on each side for border.
Chart has 33 blocks (spaces).
Does 31 st include border ? Chart does not show 3 st border.
I am so frustrated.
Started over 2 times now.
End of row doesn’t match.
What am I missing ?

Do you have a link for the chart and the instructions? If not, could you cut and paste the directions for the first row?

I think this is a link to the pattern and chart

Remember, the individual blocks don’t represent stitches. Sometimes they stand for increases or decreases or for no stitch at all, for example. The first row of the chart uses 25 sts and does not include the 3 edge sts on each side. The 31 cast on sts includes those border sts. The chart may be a little hard to read since there’s not a big difference between the | for a knit and the \ or / for a decrease. You might go through and highlight some of these to make reading the chart easier.
Begin the first row with knit 3 and then start the chart (at row 2) with k2, yo, k2tog, yo, k2tog etc and see how it goes. The yo doesn’t use a stitch, just bring the yarn to the front and over the right needle.
Gorgeous scarf!