Cast-on vs. bind-off

i am a new knitter, and have knit two small scarves. on both of them, my cast-on edge is much looser and slightly curved, whereas my bind-off edge is straight and rectangular. i may just need some practice making them consistent… but does anyone have any tips that might help both edges look and be more consistent? thanks in advance!

The only way to make your ends exactly the same is to do a provisional cast on in the beginning. Then, when the scarf is done, you can put the live stitches from that cast on back on your needles and do a bind-off that matches the other bind-off end.

Ingrid…I wuv :heart: U! I had never thought of that… :doh: makes PERFECT sense!! I think that I may start doing that with most everything…especially since I always want to add a different finishing technique that I have thought of while knitting…it will be much easier to have live sts to work with on both ends :thumbsup: …remember I doing the ‘knitting accessories for us (“us” meaning me & :inlove: Lonnie, mostly me!)’ fall/winter series…LOL :wink:

Glad to be of service, m’dear!!

Does anyone not love Ingrid??? :heart: :heart: I am definitely going to have to try that provisional cast on thing too!

:roflhard: Believe it or not, there ARE people who do not love Ingrid! :roflhard:

:shock: NO! Who are these people? Cranky lunch ladies? Bus drivers who drive away when they see you break into a run? Security guards who are late for their bathroom break?

Okay, it’s getting late and I’m getting loopy… Time for a question. You know I have one. :smiley:

i’m not sure what a provisional cast-on entails! :thinking:

The idea behind provisional cast on is to cast on with waste yarn and then take it off to expose the live stitches of your main piece. Here is one kind. You can also crochet a chain and knit into the back loops of that. When the time comes you can pull out the chain and your stitches are free.