Cast on & turn

I think this is probably a stupid question, but the pattern I’m currently working on has the following instructions
Round 1: 1. Cast on 23 stitches and turn
Round 2: 1. Pick up 23 stitches and turn

Usually when I cast on or pick up stitches, the stitches are usually on my left needle, and I then work them on to the right needle for row 2, so I don’t understand how I can turn the work when my stitches are already on the left needle. I ignored the instructions for round 1 and it worked out fine, but for round 2, if I ignore turning, the pattern is inside out in comparison to the part of the work that the stitches were picked up from.

The only thing I can think to do is pick up stitches with my right needle, (or pick them up from the wrong side with my left needle) but both seem a little silly.

It helps to know a little more about the pattern, what it is, a link to it or a picture can help, and where you are in it - is this the beginning of the whole thing, or have you knit part of it? We’re not that good…

Though you know, this sounds like the cast on for a mobius scarf where you pick up sts in the previously cast on sts. See, I’m guessing here, is that it?