Cast on Too Tight?

Hello all and first I would like to say I love, love this place! I spent most of my day yesterday just reading here and bookmarking things.

I’m brand new to knitting, but I do have the knit and purl stitches figured out. I started a scarf today, have done five rows of knitting and the bottom is curling. Are my cast-on stitches too tight? I don’t think I’m knitting too tightly because the stitches move along the bamboo needles nicely. I don’t want to go any farther if I need to start over at this point. I’m using size 10 circular bamboo needles and my yarn is a washable wool (Liberty Wool.) Any help/suggestions/advice is greatly appreciated!

You may be doing stockinette stitch where you knit one row and then purl one row. That has a tendency to curl at the edges and roll at the bottom. Take a look at thisthread which has several ideas that may help. Usually knitting several rows in garter st where you knit every row helps the cure at the bottom and putting an edge at either side in garter st (or some other non curling st like seed st) counteracts the roll. Blocking at the end will help a little too.

Yes, that’s exactly what I’m doing. O.K., back to row one for me and thank you so much!!!

The entire edge will curl in stockinette so give it a pretty wide border all the way around. Even at that it may fold on the edge of the border, but it’ll be better than no border.

I’m pretty new to knitting too and just finished my first scarf. What I did was I did what they call a “Ribbed” scarf. Its where you knit then purl throughout the row. It makes a really nice scarf! I did knit 2 purl 2 and repeated till the end of the row, then on the next row I did the same thing and so on. The only thing is when you use this method, whatever you end up casting on, has to be a multiple of 4, so that you end up having your last two on the row as purls.

I ended up doing 5 rows of knit stitches across the bottom, 5 knit stitches on right and left sides, then knit one row, purl one row in the middle. It’s lying nice and flat now.

Thanks for all the replies!

Well, I spoke too soon, my scarf started curling. I went to bed frustrated and swore I was not going to start over, but once I got up this morning, I decided to go with all knit stitches. That’s what is called garter, right? Anyway, my yarn is a beautiful variegated washable wool and the changing colors will be pattern enough I guess. I was just hoping to make a scarf and practice on my knit and purl stitches. All is good, I’m learning and that’s the important thing.

Here’s another discussion with ideas to counteract curling. It’s a problem for everyone. Good luck with the scarf which sounds lovely.

Thank you for this!! It’s a bit over my head for now, but I’ve got it bookmarked for future use or in other words “when I know what I’m doing,” lol.

Hang in there Unravel, I’m a begginner too. I knitted 2 things that looked somewhat like scarves when I started, the first was way too short as I ran out of wool, and it curled, it hangs in my closet just because its my first. The second I tried to improvise with, it was a mohair boucle wool I got from a garage sale, geeze that was a beginner headache. I knitted that scarf too wide and now its been converted to a cover for a lamp/side table decoration. My third scarf came out smashing. On the scarves, especially the second and third I must have ripped 8-10 times and unknitted twice as much, along with some curse words to sweeten the deal. Now Im on my first jumper, I’ve ripped once and on my first sleeve and am about to rip a part of the body I started last night, its a big learning curve but believe it or not Im getting much better at spotting my mistakes before they happen.

Someone here once said dont fret theres no knitting police. I really loved that, because you would swear as a beginner I thought there was. :cool:

Awww, thanks for your encouragement. Sounds like you are really moving along in your knitting skills, way to go! I’ve ripped out more times than I can remember. I realized this afternoon that I’ve got to learn how to fix my mistakes (dropped stitches) and hopefully tomorrow or Saturday I can spend the day at my LYS. I’ve got the stitches down pat and my tension is good, but those dropped stitches confuse me. LOL, at the knitting police, if they did exist, they would have a field day with me!

Ahh those stitches that want to do a runner, I had a few of those too and was ripping back to fix them until I found the simple crochet hook solution.

Here tis

Thankfully as new knitters we have these wonderful gals here to share their wisdom, Im a very greatful member of this forum. I’ve posted questions elsewhere and rather than the question being answered it just turns into bickering about whos the cleverest. Ultimately alot of people respond who havent taken the time to read the original question, hence the question doesnt get answered at all. Because there are all skill levels here it seems few are without a need of some help at some point, the team work in helping eachother is wonderful.:aww:

OMG, thank you!! I saw another video on how to fix dropped stitches, but it is not nearly as clear instruction wise as the one you posted. You just saved me a 50 mile round trip to the LYS. Seriously, I cannot thank you enough, got this one bookmarked!

I so agree with you, the teamwork here on this site is amazing. Good posters, like yourself, who are willing to help one another are truly appreciated. Hopefully, one day I will be able to help a new knitter in the same kind way I’ve been helped. :knitting:

I don’t know which “correcting mistakes” videos you’ve watched, Unravel, but the ones on KH are very good, too.

They’re here:
Scroll down a bit and you’ll see several of them.

Good luck!

You’ll be dishing out advice in no time Unravel, I dont know much but it feels good to help.
Youtube is my knitting teacher and like Antares suggested knittinghelp has some brilliant tutorial vids too. I had no idea how to knit and no one to teach me, Im a bit of a recluse. Youtube was my teacher for casting on, casting off, knits purls, reading patterns, what needles to use, what style of knitting to do ie, continental or english, the list goes on. I watched alot of videos before I finally got the courage to put the needles and wool together.

I found this knitters videos very helpful.

Oh heres another good site which I stumbled across while reading here.

They have heaps of free patterns as well as cheap ones if you want to buy them. The users do the projects and you can read about any problems they might have had and see how the end product looks in their photos. You can muck around with your profile, add patterns to your queue (todo list) put up your own projects, join online knitting groups, its a great site. Im quite a busty hippy woman so I have some difficulty finding patterns that suit my shape, I joined some groups pertaining to that and have found some priceless information there. You can even look up groups in your area and meet up for knitting and coffee. I live in Australia and found a couple of friendly knitting groups who do regular meetups in my own suburb, Im yet to attend one but once I get the courage up I’ll go. :oo:

Thank you SO very much!! I’m slowly, but surely discovering things here with the great help of all of you! The video I watched was not from here, it was before I discovered this great place and I was watching random videos on youtube.

Again, thank you!

I’m a bit of a recluse, as well, newly divorced, not sure what to do with myself, etc. Learning how to knit has been such a challenging, but calming thing for me to do. I’ve always been drawn to yarn; there is something so comforting to me just looking at different yarns, the colors, the textures - don’t mean to sound corny, but it seems they speak to me. I’m going to look for knitting groups, we will have to get the courage together to join one and give them a try. We can compare notes and see what our groups have in common, you in Australia and me in the U.S. You have no idea how much your encouragement has inspired me to keep hanging in there!

Happy New Year to You!!

No that doesnt sound corny at all, I think alot of knitters feel that way. I think my main motivation is the enjoyment I get out of learning new stitches, seeing the pattern unfold and of course the end result. The whole idea that something practical and attractive could be created by a couple of needles and some wool off a sheeps back gets me really chuffed. Im like that with alot of things though, I love doing anything from scratch, if a had a paddock, sheep, room to wash wool and a spinning wheel I would be doing that part too. Im one of those women who is in desperate need of a piece of land, chooks, cow, sheep and room to plant vegetables. A horse and cart and neighbours to trade with wouldnt be a bad thing either, yep Im a kook. :teehee:

I’ll let you know if I happen to meet up with one of these groups. If you happen to join up on Ravelry look me up and add me as a friend, we can keep up to date on what eachother are knitting and stay in touch. My user name is exactly the same as here. :knitting: