Cast-On Tighter Than Bind-Off Solution

I solved this by accident. My original problem was that I had to go back to the beginning of a scarf and add on. It was a pain, so I developed a way to start in the middle and work out to both ends without leaving a bump, line, or seam. After I worked it out and put it on my website, I realized this technique would also work at the beginning of a piece to keep the front end from being tighter than the back end. Here’s the how-to:
I’m lefthanded, so I couldn’t explain precisely how to do the “weave” part. If any of you righties try this and can help clarify the instructions, please holler.

Hey, you’ve discovered a provisional Cast on! That’s great that you know how to, you may need to use qhen a pattern calls for one.

KEWL! It has a name. I’ll add “provisional cast-on” to my web page tags. I’m forever [I]making[/I] things up instead of [I]looking[/I] things up, so I never know what to call my discoveries.
Thanks for posting. :heart: