Cast on suggestions

I’m wondering if anyone has any suggestions re: what would be a good cast on for a sweater that will have a single crochet added on after it’s put together. I usually just do a reg. knit or long tail cast on, but something else may look better. I’m not sure. Thanks:)

I think regular long tail will work fine, but you could try making some swatches where you try other things and add a crochet edge. Oh, try it with the long tail too. :slight_smile:

A knitted cast on might be easier to pick up the stitches from for the crochet edging.

Well, I did a swatch with the knitted cast on and it leaves holes when I pick up to crochet the edge. That’s why I was wondering if another cast on wouldn’t have that look.

You can twist the holes when you pick up for the edge. Poke the hook in from the back, and twist it to bring the yarn through.