Cast-on splitting/untwisting

Why is it that sometimes when I cast on (long tail method) the yarn on my thumb side splits. By splits I mean like if you took a piece of yarn and turned it against the way it’s wound. Wound isn’t the right word… more like the grain of the spin. Can you tell I don’t spin!

Is there a way to avoid that? It doesn’t happen [I]all [/I]the time but more than I’d like. I think I do the CO just like in the video, should I rewind the yarn so I can pull from the outside end when the inside one untwists or is that not the problem?

It happens to me, too. I just re-twist it and keep going. So far it’s never been a problem.

That was a record time response! Hmm so it’s not me then.

Jan have you noticed if it happens more with one type of yarn (material/thickness) over another?

It’s nothing to do with how it was spun. It is getting twisted with every stitch you do. Cast on 3 stitches this way, no problem, but 40 stitches and you will see it. Every time you notice it, let go of the wool over your thumb and let it twist back to normal again.

Yep, happens with a lot of yarn. Just retwist or let it twist up naturally when you notice it.

OOH, that happens to me too!! I’m glad it’s not just me :smiley: However, I haven’t found that it really causes any problems. I think once it’s past my thumb, it kind of twists back together into its original form.