Cast on results

hi, i’m totally new to knitting and i was wondering is the ball end of my yarn supposed to be at the point of my needle or the end of my needle when finished a long tail cast on?

With the long-tail cast on, you’re tail end will be at the tip of the needle with your working yarn. Don’t make the very common mistake of knitting with the tail. :doh:

okay, thank you… so i knit with the bit attached to the ball? how to i bring it up to where the end of the cast on is?

You turn your needle so the stitches are in your left hand. Insert the right tip in the first stitch and use the ‘bit attached to the ball’ to wrap the first stitch. Just leave the tail hanging–you can weave it in later when you’re done.

Where is the yarn now?? If the yarn coming from the ball is at the other end of the needle, you’ll need to take everything off the needle and start over. (sorry) After a long-tail cast on, you should end up with both the short end and the “ball end” of the yarn sitting closest to the tip of the needle!

hth, knitcindy