Cast on question

Could someone please tell me what is the best cast on method to use when the next row is the beginning of cables? Knitting a sweater.

You can use whichever CO is easiest for you that you use most. Cable patterns usually don’t do the cross sts on the first row, generally you do a few rows first and those rows are more like ribbing in that they’re some form of knitting and purling sts - k2 p2, k6, p2, k6, p2 and so on, for example.

Ribbing would help but there is no standard ribbing in this pattern

…Pattern reads

Using larger needles co 134 sts. (RS) work [k2, 10 sts Snake Cable from chart] 11 times, k2. Work even as est for 52 rows.

I tried using the co I usually use which is long tail. I didn’t think it looked very good with the cables starting the 1st row.

I have looked everywhere I could think of to see if there was a cast on that would be best to use before beginning cables but found no information. So frustrating!

The pattern is on Ravelry… Inca Cable Rib Cardigan by Dee Neer.

I like a long tail cast on for this but if you don’t like the look you could try a knit cast on and see if you like it better. Theere’s a video for knit cast on under the Free Videos tab at the top of the page, Cast ons.
It’s an unusual and great looking cable. Enjoy knitting it!

There really are purl sts on the RS between the cables, but it doesn’t matter. Just use whichever cast on you prefer.

Think outside the box. You’re not chained to the pattern. You don’t have to do it exactly as written. If you want to add a ribbed border, do it. You can also do a provisional cast on for this, put those live stitches on the needle later, and knit downward with either a rib, straight garter, or a seed stitch border. But I think it’s just easier to add the border first and go upwards until you start the cable pattern.

I don’t understand why they would want to start with a turning row anyway. The cast on stitches are tight enough, and the turning row is tight so it would be extremely difficult to do. If you want to do the pattern as written, I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t do a regular long tail cast on and just knit the first row around, then start the pattern turning row on the second round. It would be a lot looser to work with.

Thanks to all of you who responded. I appreciate your Ideas.

Salmonmac…Thank you for posting a link to the pattern. You see why I am asking the question.
I love the look of the sweater but I am new to knitting so leave it to me to pick something that is unusual! We will see how it goes…


Take the directions step by step and you’ll be fine. If you have questions, you know where to come. Good luck with a very pretty sweater!

If they want you to cross the sts on the first row of the cable pattern, you don’t have to, they don’t look as good anyway. Work a couple of the chart rows at the end of the repeat first, then do the first row; you repeat the chart rows over and over anyway.

Salmonmac…I decided to use long tail co. I just did a big swatch of two bottom cables attached to the stockinette top. Just washed it and blocked it. The gauge is spot on. :woot:

My biggest fear with this sweater was that the cables would not block to size. I think after doing the large swatch I can see this is not going to be a problem. I had done the whole eleven back cables and decided they would not block to the measurement I needed. In retrospect I think they would have. :wall:

Thank you for taking your time to look at the sweater and to help me…:hug:

Suzeeq…That’s really a great idea…Thank you…hug