Cast-On Question

Hi Everyone,
Since the long-tail cast-on creates a knit row for you, can it be used for patterns that do not have at knit or St-st first row? The pattern I am using starts with seed stitch. Thank you for your help.

I only ever use the long-tail cast on and still start my first row as whatever is used, including seed stitch.


The LT co does not really create another row, but instructions that say it does creates a lot of confusion for new knitters. It may seem like it because of the `purl’ bumps on the back, but I discovered the cable CO has bumps on the other side too. Just count it as the cast on and work the first row as the pattern is written. It can be used for any stitch pattern.

I agree with the above; I use the LTCO for virtually every project; and the next thing I do is Row 1.

i agree with Susie–(and others)

LTCO sort of creates a row. (i call it row 0!)

as you learn more about knitting and cast ons, you can learn some variations of long tail (including Knit and Purl (aka forward and reverse) long tail…

and you can learn to cast on in ribbing, using a standard and varient long tail stitch.

but detail like that are persnickitty. (i am persnickitty about cast ons… and know over 40 ways to cast on…
BUT i use standard long tail about 25% of the time (and a long tail varient another 25% of the time --or put another way about 50% of the time i use LONG Tail!(and i know LOTS of other ways to cast on.

Long tail is a good all purpose cast on. its fine as a foundation for seed stitch