Cast on question newbie

My yarn has ended half way through my scarf. If I cast on my right needle it will create a new stitch and I will have 13 stitches as opposte to 12 I’ve had. How do I keep twelve stitches in my pattern and add my new yarn? I hope this makes sense…I’m still new to knitting this is my first project.


Knit Picks shows the Russian Join,

Since I have found this I always use it. It’s so easy and no lumps or bumps.

Check out this video here at knittinghelp and it will show you how to add a new skein.
Hope this helps.


Thanks but I am using thick, wood needles without an eye. But I appreciate the quick response

You would stop and use a Chibi to do the Russian Join. A Chibi is a blunt needle use for joining seams ,hide tails ,Kitchener stitching,ect… This do not interfere with your wooden needles,

A chibi is also called a darning or tapestry needle - it’s a metal needle with a blunt tip and large eye that’s used to join 2 yarn ends together, or sew seams. You can just start knitting with the new yarn, loosely tie the ends together, then weave them in later.

I’m another fan of the Russian join. It works on any weight yarn as long as it’s not one-ply. The trick is to pull both loose ends through until the loops tighten on each other and then starting at the place where the loops intersect, gently pull both out away from each other with your fingers. Surprisingly enough, this does not result in a thicker join. You can leave the ends dangling on the inside, but if it’s something like a scarf where they might show, just cut them close to the wrong side.