Cast On looks messy

After using a knit cast on, I find that the cast on row looks bumpy and uneven on the finished product - not good for a hat. Any tips on producing an even cast on? Is there a better method that will have more even results?

There are many cast ons so I’d give a few a try to see which one you like best.

Long tail is a good all around cast on. German twisted is also a good one for hats though because it looks good with ribbing and it’s stretchy. Here’s the one I learned with -

Long tail works well as does cable cast on. Some people find or say they’re too tight and not stretchy, but if you don’t pull the yarn tight and leave some space between the sts instead of snugging them up close on the needle, they can be flexible as well as sturdy.

I’ll give the long tail & German cast ons a try. I was using the knit cast on because it’s quick and easy for me. It’s probably best to take the time to start the project off right rather than start it off easy. :aww: