Cast-on leftovers, what to do?

hi all,

i am a total noob at knitting. just started this afternoon!

my question is, i’ve completed my cast-on but apparently measured out too much, so i have about 40 cms of extra yarn dangling on one end. how do i get rid of the excess?
a slip knot and then cut off the remaining? or do i keep casting on? i’m stumped.
any adVice would be great!! :hug:

Just bundle it up and tie it so it doesn’t get mixed up with your working yarn, then when you are finished with your piece, you could use that to sew the seam if there is one, or just trim it down to about 6 inches and weave it in so it doesn’t show.

Welcome to the world of knitting!


okay, thanks! i’ve been searching website after website and none seem to tell you what to do with the excess!? lol

I usually just rip it out and CO again if I have more than a few inches left.