Cast on in the middle of project

Hi All,

Long time, no knit, but my surgery is over (19 months late) and I’m recovering well.

Thanks for all the PM’s I had wondering where I’d got too.:hug:

I got back into knitting feet first and as usual I’ve fallen at the first hirdle.

My question is about; Its the Twiggy Tweed bag.

I’m up to:

[B][I]Joining Row[/I] [RS]: K7, [CO 10 sts, k6] twice, CO 10 sts, k7. 56 sts.
No matter how I’ve tried to cast on, it doesn’t work out, I can’t get the new cast on stitches to join up with the first 7 stitches I knitted on the row. Is that right? Should they be separate blocks of stiches until the next row, or am I doing it wrong?

Help :muah:

When you get to where you need to cast on, turn your work and use a cable or knitted cast on attached to the stitches you just worked, then turn back and knit the rest. There will appear to be gaps, but as you knit subsequent rows, you’ll pull them together.

Aaah, so I’d cast on, in effect onto the right hand needle, and not actually knit into those needles until the next row.
Is that right?

Thanks Ingrid.

I think you got it! I did this the other day for a scarf with a hole in the middle…you will cast the stitches off then knit the rest of the row according to pattern. Then when you cast on I just do the backwards loop type of thing and then they will be knit on the next row.