Cast on in the middle of a mitten?

I’m working on my first mitten. I’ve completed the ribbing and shaped the thumb. I’ve placed 12 stitches on a stitch holder for my thumb, and now I’m working up the mitten. The very next row after placing the thumb stitches on a holder says, “K12, cast on 2 sts, k to end of round.”

I checked their techniques and abbreviations (magazine), but I’m not finding any specific directions for casting on like this.

Ignore me. I found what I need. I did a search of the archives here, found some questions on this, and then found Amy’s video. :slight_smile: :muah:

For casting on in the middle of a row you can do backwards loop cast on (the easiest one) or knitted cast on or cable cast on. Check the basic techniques tab for cast on and there are videos of all these.

Good luck!! For just two stitches I’d do backwards loop cast on :thumbsup: