Cast on in rib 2X2, 3X3, stretch or not

Hi all in my search for a 2X2 rib cast on I found lots of techniques but most left a hole in the 1st pearl stitch like this method did which was unacceptable for what I want.

However other methods explained about stretchy stuff too and I will explain how to make it more or less depending on your taste or the application.

I use what I think you call the English cast on method and have arthritis so prefer to just use needles. I wanted to adapt the 2X2 to 3X3. So I experimented.

make a slip knot then cast on required number of knit stitches, then do a pearl stitch and before you do it insert the needle between the stitch and pull yarn tight, repeat for required pearl stitches, then continue in knit then back to pearl until you have enough. This can do any combination of knit and pearl stitches you require.

Now the stretch part. I found out this is just because there is a short length of yarn between stitches. So how do you make it as stretchy (or as tight) as you want yet remain evenly spaced? Easy, get a tapered smooth object larger than the needles you are using. It is better if it has a reasonably long length and you will need to make small swatches until satisfied. To make it even put a stopper on the taper where you want it to stop when inserted between the stitches, the stopper should not move until you want it to. It will be tedious but the possibilities are endless.


Sounds like a good way to even out these cast ons for ribbing. Thanks for the tip.