Cast on in pattern help

If anyone can give me any help I would appreciate it. I am trying to do a bunny blanket buddy from the lion brand website. I’ve run into the problem that in the instructions it says this:

Rows 40-41 Cast on 12 sts for Paws, knit to end of row – 64 sts

Can anyone help explain to me how to cast on when I’ve allready followed the pattern for row 1-39?
I’m self taught thru books and looking stuff up on the internet but haven’t been able to find how to do this. Thank you for your time and help.

Go to the cast on videos and look at knitted and cable cast ons. One of those is usually used.

Use a knitted or cabled cast on to just add stitches midway through. There are videos on the basics page of this site.

When you start row 40, don’t just start knitting. first thing you will do is cast on the 12 stitches. then knit those 12 plus all the stitches that were already on the needle. when you get doen with row 40, do t he same for row 41 - first thing is cast on 12 stitches (they will be on the other end of the little blanket). Then knit those 12 and all the rest of the stitches on the needle.