Cast on in middle of work?

I am doing this bag

This is what is says for the handle:

Knit 18 stitches, Bind off 17, Knit 18, Bind off 17
Next row: K2tog 9 times, Cast on 40sts, K2tog 9 times, Cast on 40.
Knit 3 rows, then bind off all stitches

my question is how do I cast on like this in this case? I have cast on a few stitches when making arms of a sweater,but the stitches are always so tight and sort of twisted. Is there a different cast on I can do for this many stitches???

Thanks to anyone who can help me.


There are 2 that I know of that you can use… knitted cast on and cable cast on. Did you use one of them before? If so I’d try the other one and see if the helps with the tightness.

I generally use a simple backward loop CO.

The backward loop can be very loose and give you a lot of extra yarn when you knit into it on the next round. It’s fine for 2 or 3 sts, but over 40 there’s going to be a lot of slack yarn left over.

The backward loop is the method I have used before…I think I will try the cable cast on…I have an episode of knitty gritty taped that demonstrates it.