Cast on help

My instructions say cast on 7 sts +2, what does the +2 mean?

Instructions like 7+2 ussually refer to multiples or pattern repeats. It may mean cast on 7sts plus cast on 2 extra edge sts.
What is it that you’re making, what’s the pattern name and can you provide a link to the pattern?

This is the link, it is a lacey pattern to put in a frame.

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator.JB1\My Documents\Sunday Morning Knitting Project – Laylock Knitwear Design.mht

Thanks for any help!

Here’s the link

It is a multiple of 7sts which you can see from the red box in the chart. You can measure the frame you’re going to use and cast on multiples of 7sts that will fit the frame, plus 2 extra sts, one for each edge (see the st on either side of the red box in the chart). In the example in the pattern, the designer cast on is 30sts (28 +2) or 4 repeats of 7sts plus the edge sts.

It’s telling you that the pattern repeat is 7 sts and then 2 more are needed to make the pattern complete. So you’d CO a multiple of 7 (14, 21, 28, 35, etc) then add 2 more sts.

Thank you so much! I understand now!

I finally get it! Thanks for your input :slight_smile: