Cast-on for ribbing, and hand-felting

Two unrelated questions, but I’m too lazy to do two separate posts. :slight_smile:

  1. I’m used to the long-tail cast-on, with just kind of … straight knitting, if that makes sense. (The sort of cast-on where the thumb pretends to be a knitting needle. I’ve tried other methods, but this is the one that makes the most sense.) If I’m going to be doing K2P2 ribbing, should I do ribbing in the cast-on, or just do it straight?

  2. I’ll admit that felting scares me a little, but I also kind of want to try it. Problem is, I don’t have a washing machine, and the person who does my laundry (long story) isn’t a knitter and so I can’t have her felt it. Even though I sort of understand the basic principle, trying to explain it well enough to felt by proxy is kind of like a colorblind person trying to teach a blind person how to paint a rainbow. :wink:

Is it possible to felt by hand? If so, how? (These would be smaller pieces, not sweaters – I don’t really do that many sweaters.)

Thanks! If I haven’t mentioned it recently, I totally love this forum. :muah:

I CO the same way, I think it’s called the thumb method. I use it for ribbing too.

On the other question, I don’t felt, sorry.

Yes, it’s possible to felt by hand; google ‘needle felting’.

As for the CO, as long as it’s stretchy it should work for ribbing. If not, check out the other CO videos on this site.

Here’s a great tutorial on hand felting. I haven’t tried it yet, but just reading the article gives me a chuckle. This is hand felting using water, not needles, just so you know.