Cast on for knitting in the round with ribbing

I am making a hat and have realized that when I use the sling shot methos (I think also called double strand method) to cast on, it causes the wrong side of the ribbing to be on the outside of the hat. The bottom edge looks funny. I am noticing this because I am working with verigated yarn - with solid color yarn I guess it doesn’t show as much.

How do I fix this? What cast on method do you use to cast on for ribbing when knitting in the round?

I have tried sort of flipping the hat so I am now knitting the opposite direction, on the right side of the hat, but 3 rows into this experiment I am not sure how it is going to turn out.

You can do the knitted cast on, but if you do the long-tail, you could turn and work across one row and then join. You can sew up the little gap with the tail.

Brilliant! Thank you. :slight_smile:

Then again I just realized why I never realized this problem before. That would be because I normally knit in the round CORRECTLY. For some reason this time I kept turning the needles around after doing my cast-on so the tails were on the left needle - been doing lots of back and forth work lately.

Well on the downside I feel remarkably stupid but on the plus side the mystery is solved. I just couldn’t wrap my head around WHY the wronf side kept ending up on the outside. :shrug:


there are many,many cast on’s… and while long tail (or a version of long tail) is the one i use most often, i know 35 + ways to cast on.

i think, especially for hats or top down sweaters, the cast on, (which in effect frames your face) matters.

for hats, a tubular cast on is very nice…
and so is a 2 color long tail–its super easy, and make good use of the first row of the Long tail (to make it interesting, even if its not in ribbing)

to do a 2 color LT:
take 2 strands of yarn(each a different color) make a slip knot (leave a shortish tail)

make one strand (CC) the thumb yarn, and one strand (MC) the index finger yarn.

now just do a standard long tail

at the end of the cast on, cut the CC (thumb yarn) leaving a 6 to 8 inch tail. continue hat in MC (if desired, add a small motif (fair isle type) with CC, or occational stripe.

back in march, i did a 4 part tutorial on cast on…

(each page has a link at bottom to next page, or just scroll through the march archives.–(if you do, you;ll find part 5, bind offs first!)

There are options beside different cast on’s too.
a latvian twist (cast on a multiple of 6–(long tail) work in ribbing (or stocking knit or even in garter!) for 6 rows. (work straight, not in round)

then row 7, *work 6 stitches–then twist the left needle (turn it 360°!)repeat
after last twist, join into round, continue in ribbing (or garter, or desired pattern…

(i show this done in a stripe (Cast on in CC, 2 rows of CC2, then 2 rows of MC, then twist, then, in my case ribbing in MC)

There are many edging options (and latvian twist is really an edging, it just works to make a Long tail cast on more interesting!) that you can use too.