Cast on for felting?

Hi all! I’m making some felted mittens for my DD and I’m noticing that the long tail cast on is getting really tight as the mittens felt. The rest of the mitten is great but the bottom of the cuff is really tight and hard to get over her hand. The cuff itself is fine so I don’t want to make that any bigger. I’m thinking there must be a different way to cast on that would be stretchier once it’s felted?

OR,…I saw some mittens on Ravelry that had the cuffs added AFTER the mitten was felted. How would I do that??? I’m running out of yarn for her mittens but I have a good friend who is helping me a lot with a jewelry project I’m working on and she mentioned she would like some felted mittens so I’d like to work out the kinks before I start the grown up mittens!

Any suggestions? I know that there is a KH member who is the “Queen of Cast-ons” so maybe she’s out there somewhere with a suggestion!!!???

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=purple]I just use the long tail cast-on round both my needles, then slide a needle out and start on your first row…[/COLOR][/FONT]


Can you explain that in another way? I don’t understand, if you slide a needle out then you have a bunch of dropped stitches,…

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=purple]Okay , When you knit you have 2 needles. When you cast-on you use just one.[/COLOR][/FONT]
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=#800080]This cast-on you use both needles side by side and cast on. Slide one needle off ( you have two (2)needles for the cast-on). So you end up with 1 needle with the cast-on stitches and the other that you slide off to start knitting…[/COLOR][/FONT]
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=#800080]That way you have a lose cast -on. Looks big at first but after you get a couple of rows on. It just has more stretch to it…[/COLOR][/FONT]

Thanks! I’m knitting in the round with dpn’s so I’m afraid I might loose a needle, as I’m already knitting two sizes bigger than I need b/c I’m felting. I may try it though, I need it to be stretchier!!

You might try the backward loop cast-on. It tends to be a lot looser for me and might work for your mittens.

There’s a video that shows how to do it on in the video section of this site.