Cast on for every other row?

I am currently working on the Noro Furisode vest. For the front you start in the middle. I am confused when they ask you to “cast on and P5sts, purl to the end” in the second and subsequent purl rows. The only cast on I have done is the initial one. I’m so

To cast on at the beginning of a row use the knit CO. Knit into the first st on the needle but leave it there and put the new st on the needle as well. When you’ve added 5 sts, purl them and the old sts to the end of the row.

I get it now - thanks sooo much! I can now carry on.

the methods I would recommend are cable cast on (or the alternative version), crochet on (less easy to start out in those spots) or knitting on. Not so advisable: the single cast on (backward loop) (all in the video section except the crochet one)

I would prefer a cast on like the cable cast on but pull the yarn THROUGH the last stitch as opposed to “out from behind” it. That becomes a more flexible piece then. And the edge is nice. I don’t know if there is a video for this.