Cast On for cardigan sewater

Could someone please tell me what cast on to use for a cardigan sweater? Thanks!

Happy knitting…:knitting:

There’s no ‘correct’ cast on to use. My first choice is the long-tail, but you could use knitted or cable cast-on. Just don’t use backward loop.

Whichever you’re comfortable with, though backwards loop isn’t a good one to begin a project with.


there would be many alternatives.

Since it will be a visible edge when the cardigan is open, how about this cast on?

the tubular with waste yarn creates a nice seam with doubled knitting that makes an awesome bottom edge and gives the cardigan some weight at the bottom. I think that is important to give it a nice drape. It will not be so flappy on the bottom edge.

From all I understand about it, the stochinette then will not curl (I still need to make a bigger piece of it to report my own experience)

If you do not want this bottom edge: use a cast on to your hearts desire!

For a very stretchy one - for example if you start out with ribbing on the bottom, how about this pair:

bind off:

cast on:

I have not tried them, but Cat Bordhi will know, so I totally trust.

I usually use long tail as well. The one I’m doing now I’m using the twisted german cast on. Looks good with a garter edge. :wink:

I am a twisted German :slight_smile:
But I do usually do just long tail not the twisted version. Have tried it. But I have not tried the difference it might make with garter stitch - maybe because I am no fan of garter stitch :slight_smile:

I will try to keep it in mind.

What makes it good with garter is there are bumps on both sides of the cast on. I like garter, but maybe not for an entire sweater…don’t know haven’t tried for that though.

T[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]hanks to all of you for the great advice and ideas…[/COLOR]:hug:

Happy knitting…