Cast on Edge unraveled?

Hi Everyone,

I made a hat (in the round) with worsted weight Caron simply soft for my daughter. She’s worn it a lot. Today I noticed that the somehow cast on edge is unraveling (it’s ribbing). There is a loose stitch that wasn’t there before and the hat is stretching there. I have taken pics to show you. The piece of yarn you see loose was the woven in end and it’s still woven in…

How do I salvage this? I was thinking of adding a crochet edge but I need to make sure nothing more unravels.



Try to pull it together as best you can and secure the end. You cut the tail too short, you need enough to weave the end into a few of the stitches.

Take some extra yarn and close up that loose part as best you can taking care to get any loose stitches so they don’t unravel. Then if you want to add a crochet border go for it. :thumbsup:

I tend to weave in the end more than some people say you need to. Here’s how I do it if you want to see -

For a hat knit in the round I turn the hat inside out and take a yarn needle and weave it across the stitches till I get to the knit part of the rib. Then I work the needle up the knit stitches like in this photo. Then at the spot above the ribbing I weave it in like they do in this link for about 3 stitches. Overkill? Maybe, but I’ve never had a hat come undone. BTW…that edge looks like it’s loose and lower…it’s not. I don’t know why it looks that way in the picture.:??