Cast on cir. Needle

Why co 89 sttches if needle is to short to Join cirular

Patt, co89 on a 16 inch. Join, IMPOSSIBLE

I’ve done it with a cast on of 80 stitches and worsted weight yarn easily. However, it may depend on the yarn. If you’re using a fine yarn it might not work. Try using magic loop method with a at least a 32" cable. (I prefer 40") Or you can use two circular needles or DPN.

Hello, I am knitting a Baby hoodie poncho, I deleted pattern from a cell phone, I saved as a text. Now I am near the back of hoodie where I will add another ball of yarn. I think I asked you abot adding
because I didnt understand. I have searched the internet, cant find psttern. It showed as awhite hoodie ponch with small picket in center. .This what I tried, 603761-AdDownloadble(2), but this wont work. How doI finish when I dont know how

There’s this one from Lion Brand:

Are you asking about adding a new ball of yarn? Just start knitting with the new end of yarn. Hold about a 6 Inch tail in your hand alongside the needle until you get started. Then you can drop the tail. If the first stitch is loose you can always snug it up by pulling gently on the tail.