Cast on/bind off

Looking for a cast on and bind off that look the same when completed with a k1 p1 rib. I just know longtail cast on and typical bind off. Thanks!:slight_smile:

My first thought was a provisional cast on…I’ve done that on scarves. These sites have great info beyond that though -

Binding off in the rib pattern makes a nice edge; the chain stitch lies directly on the edge rather than to the front or back. A crochet CO would make a chained edge on the CO side.

Thanks, I’ll try this experiment with this and the provisional cast on to see which I can work the best.

Thanks for the thougth of provisiona cast on. Great websites, too. Very helpful. Will practice this. Thanks again.

With a provisional CO you can BO the sts so they look the same as the other side, just leave a long tail.

If you do a crochet cast on and then cast off normally they’re identical. I googled crochet cast on and found that the provisional crochet cast on is the same without the yarn that makes it provisional of course. Basically you just chain the sts onto the needle. It’s very simple and fast once you get it down. It’s one of my favorite cast ons :cheering: