Cast on/Bind off

I was wondering what yall use for a Cast on/Bind off for just a length of knitting. ie: blankets and scarves.

Im positive its just a matter of choice but what one?
I just got done with my scarf and LOVE it by the way but one thing. I LOVE the look of the bind off (leap frog) but the cast on is WAY too loose.(knitted) Last blanket I did had same issue.
I guess I need to find a tighter cast on or maybe cast on with smaller needles?? Or what would be ideal would be matching CO/BO.

I would like to resolve this issue before I start in on this next blanket from the book 99 Yarns and Counting by The Green Mountain Spinnery Cooperative
Evening Shadows Afghan

In this color
Berroco Vintage - Douglas Fir-5177

I intend on using the crab stitch all the way around this one (or if you have other suggestions for a border, let me know that too)but it would be nice to have uniformity on the two sides, so I need to figure this out.
This is a Christmas gift for my MIL for next year. I have some more pressing projects I need to work on but I thought I would get this started sometime soon and just have it by to work on at leisure.


I usually use long tail cast on and regular bind off unless it needs to be stretchy and then I use Jeny’s Surprising Stretchy bind off.

I will admit though that on something like a scarf I don’t like that they don’t match so what I’m doing right now is I cast on invisibly and then when I’m done I’ll bind off that end and they’ll both match. :thumbsup:

I love that yarn

Entrelac is the only time I use a knit cast on for the beginning. It works better if you start with purl sts than knit sts, though. But long tail or cable tend to be too tight for it.

I like that idea! Thanks, Jan. I’m going to try it on my next scarf.

So for this blanket, I should use Knit CO? what BO?

This looks like an entrelac pattern and you would probably just do a regular bindoff. They’re usually done just a little different than a flat piece of knitting because of the triangles… what do the BO instructions say?

for the top row, its decreased off my needle. Im more referring to each one? regular BO for each square?

and also in interest of picking up stitches, is there a certain edging i put on each one?

FYI: If anyone was thinking of doing this pattern, there is errata for it on their website.

When you pick up sts for the squares, it may help to slip the first stitch on that row. You don’t BO each square, the sts stay live on your needle. Unless it uses a totally different technique.