Cast on/Bind Off: Slip Stitch Selvedge

Hello All,

I am a beginner knitter, and am looking forward to making a baby blanket for my sister. The blanket will be in stockinette stitch, with a seed stitch border to prevent curling. I have been reading how to do the “slip stitch selvedge” by slipping the first stitch purlwise and knitting the last stitch of every row. I like the nice edge this makes, however, as I understand this will only appear on the right and left sides of the blanket. Is there a cast on and bind off method that will look similar to the slip stitch selvedge? I would like all four sides of the blanket to match or look similar (i.e. top and bottom of blanket look similar to the right and left edges of the blanket).

Thank you all!

The cable cast on and stitch over stitch bind off are fairly similar (method 3 in the link)

They should look close to the chain edge although they won’t be exactly the same.