Cast On/Bind Off Matching

I am a knitter-rookie. I just completed a winter headband with a Bulky yarn. It turned out OK. I will wear it but certainly not “gift-worthy”. I do want to try to make these as Christmas gifts and I noticed that the finished beginning edge versus the finished ending edge of the project look very different due to different cast-on cast-off. This project was done in what they called “short rows”. I see there are cast on and cast off videos and wondered which ones work for bulky yarn and will look the same on each finished edge? I hope this question makes sense and I really appreciate any help you can be! Thanks.

Do you think one edge has turned out tighter than the other? Or is it another issue?

No its for sure that I don’t know the differences between casting on techniques (I did the long tail method) and then I grabbed some video which showed a casting off that involved pulling a stitch over two other stitches… creating a bulkier edge I guess. I am just learning so is there a better casting off that sort of “matches” a longtail casting on method I used (where the yarn is looping around the thumb-needle up under it etc)

I grabbed that casting off method because it said it created a stretchier edge and I thought “Oh good that should be good for a stretchy headband”… but it looks much bulkier on that edge than on the edge that I started the project on …

So maybe I just use the cast off that pulls the stitch over one stitch and drops it? Is that all it takes to create an edge that’s more like the beginning edge?

I’ve only used the long tail cast on once, but I do think casting off one stitch at a time would match better. It’s definitely worth trying!

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Here’s also a nice collection of matching cast ons and bind offs:


thank you for your suggestion!

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Wow thanks so much! You guys are so patient with a newby! Oh and I just wore my headband on a walk with my dog here in Wisconsin… ‘feels like 28’ degrees-- and I was nice and warm. So I am very happy with that! I have a nice start to a great headband built for our cold winters! Thank you so much for your suggestions!


Some fabulous stitches salmonmac

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Hi, what pattern are you using?
If it’s one where you sew the cast on and off edges together, you could consider grafting the two?
You’d need a provisional cast on and then graft the live stitches

I just saw this now. Oh thanks so much for the suggestion. Cheers!

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So I reviewed those tutorials and they are not what I am needing right now but, again, I am amazed at some of these tutorials! They make complex things so clear - I think I can do those steps someday!! YaY and thanks again for the great tip.

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Thank you so much! I replied to you on the forum! I appreciate your helping me out!

I don’t know if you will still need this but I recently discovered the “long tail bind off”. It looks exactly like the long-tail cast on. It is done with a sewing needle and knitting yarn, it’s not hard, I did it.

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You are so kind to send me this tip. Thank you so much. I’m into a sewing project right now but have made a note of this and plan on trying it for sure!

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