Cast on at the beginning of a row

I’m knitting a sweater using circular needles. I have rows of 76 stitches. Now the pattern reads: Cast on 10 sts at the beginning of the next 2 rows. 96 sts.
The yarn is on the “left” needle. Do I cast on sts onto that “left” needle, and then begin the pattern of knit? So I would have 10 newly cast on plus 76 already knit, and then I knit the 86 onto the right needle?
And is there a cast on method best for this? The sweater pattern is Row 1: K1, *(YO,K1) acr
Row 2: Knit acr, dropping YO
Row 3-4: Knit

Yes, at the beginning of a row the yarn would be on the left needle. Use the knit or cable CO to add sts to the same needle. Then knit across those sts plus the original ones.

Thank you so much AGAIN!!