Cast on and rows

Good afternoon! :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry if there’s an answer in here somewhere already, but I just joined and the search option gave me way too many pages!

I have a quick question about casting on and then the subsequent number of rows I should knit. I just started learning how to knit (from a book) and I learned the long-tail cast on … however, I just read on this site that the long-tail cast on creates a knit row already. Does that mean if the pattern calls for 4 more rows of knit stitch, I only knit 3 more rows?

Thanks so much!!

The long tail cast on does technically create a knit row, but I never change what the pattern calls for from then on. If it asks for 4 rows, I still do 4 rows after the cast on.

Me, too!

yay thanks for the quick replies, knitqueen & ingrid. :slight_smile: it clears things up significantly!

:twisted: I guess that makes me a rebel, because I’d only do three! (Either that, or I’m just lazy!:roflhard:)

I think that over the course of an entire garment or blanket or whatever it happens to be, one row isn’t going to make that much difference! No one is right or wrong. :thumbsup:

A caston is a caston, no matter how it looks; it’s a foundation row, not a regular one.