Cast-on after knitting has started - Backyard Leaves scarf

I am getting ready to make the Backyard Leaves scarf from ScarfStyle - my biggest knitting adventure yet! I’m reading the pattern before starting and it says to cast on 4 extra stitches on the 4th row. I cannot find any instructions on how to do this. Can you help?


Use a knitted cast on or backwards loop cast on. Look here,


yup I use the backwards loop too!

A-ha! that looks like something I should be able to do. I didn’t even think about a different cast-on method. Thanks!

The pattern also has “no stitch”. What do I do there? Just move the stitches to the right needle?

I’m very excited to start this scarf!

If it says ‘no stitch’ don’t do anything. Just move onto the next instruction. If you were meant to move stitches from the left to right needle it would say ‘slip stitches’.