Cast On after K2?

So I’ve been working on this flapped mitten and i have finished the bottom part of the mitten and I’m ready to get started on the flap.

So I have stitch holders with 24 stitches I’m calling the “hinge” of the flap. The instructions call for me to:

Transfer sts from holders onto smaller dpn as follows:
With Mitten palm side up, place the 2 far right sts and the 2 far left sts on Needle 1 [there will be a large gap between sts across the palm]; place 10 sts on each Needles 2 and 3.

Using CC, k2 from Needle 1, [B]CO 16 sts across gap[/B], k2; knit across Needles 2 and 3 - 40 sts total.

I’m curious - I have never cast on after knitting 2 before (only making one slip knot) - do I still use the tail? If I do - won’t it look kind of odd having the tail come from the first stitch over that second knit?

Thanks in advance!

Use the working yarn from the sts on your right needle, and just pretend you’ve already cast on two sts. Move that needle to your left hand, and use the knit or cable caston. Either knit into the st or between the two stitches, put the new loop on the left needle. Repeat until you’ve added 16 sts, then move the needle back to the right, knit the next 2 sts, then the ones on the other needle. You won’t knit the new sts until the next round.

Great help, thank you!

Never seen or used the knit on cast on, but for anyone looking for it in the future I found it right here:

I should have linked to the cast ons page, would have helped you out.