Cast on after 4 rows and 15 stitches

I’ve just recently taught myself to knit. I’ve started an aviator’s hat and the pattern had me start the first flap and now I’m non the second flap. It’s a seed stitch (I really like the look). The pattern instructed to cast on 7. k1 p1 and increase at each row until there are 15 sts. I have done that now it says to cast on 10 and proceed through the 15 sts. Can anyone help me understand how to do that?

What that means is that on the row where you are supposed to cast on 10, you will be adding 10 stitches to that row. You will then knit the remaining 15 stitches, so by the end of the row, you will have 25 stitches on the needle.

The cable cast on is a good one to use for this purpose. You can find the video that shows how to do it here:

(Scroll down the page.)

I think I understand. I’ll review the video. Thank you so very much!