"cast on additional stitches in CC"

Hi everyone! I am new here, and this is my first “real” project – I have made about a dozen scarves. I’m working on a baby kimono in this “Baby Knits Kit.” I am working on the right Front piece, and the directions tell me, after a RS row, to “cast on 8 additional stitches in CC,” then work in seed stitch for 2 inches.

First of all, I am so confused, because the photo of the sweater looks like the belt tie (where this extension will be) should be on the left side. Won’t starting it after a RS row put the tab on the right side?

Secondly – how do I cast on additional stitches in a contrasting yarn? Help me, please!! Thanks!!


Assuming I understand the directions, the Right Front is as you wear it. You’ll work across on the RS. Turn, CO the add’l sts using either the knitted or cable CO (see vids). (Just start working with the CC leaving a tail to weave later.) Work to end of WS row. The add’l sts will be on the left edge…as you look at it.


Thanks Cam –

Your instructions for casting on are helpful and I will definitely check out those videos.

I think, though, that the picture shows that the add’l stitches should be on the right side as I look at it (the sweater ties on the right) – that’s where I am confused. . . could my instructions be incorrect? Should I CO after finishing a WS row?


Are the ties supposed to be at the center front or at the outer edge (under the arm)?

If you need for the COs to be at the center front you’d work them at the beginning of a RS row.

As piece faces you:

(RS) underarm…front edge…tie

If, perhaps, the other front crosses over and ties under the arm, you’d work them at the beginning of the WS row.

(RS) tie…underarm…front edge

Make sense? Perhaps you could post a pic of the pattern.

The add’l COs are worked at the beginning of the row…on whatever edge you want them on. I’m not sure about your right/left orientation.


Really crude drawing of what it appears you need to do. Does this look similar? If the tab is on the right of the right front, CO on RS. If on the left edge of the right front, CO on the WS.


Thanks, Cam!

The drawing is great – exactly right --(how did you do that?)! It’s the tab on the right (as I look at it), so I will CO on the RS. I haven’t looked at the videos yet, but I am sure they will be very clear. I am used to the long-tail CO, so I will probably use that.

The directions say to P across the row after casting on – does that sound right to you? Or would you recommend a K?

Thanks, Kyle

You can’t use the LTCO here (you’ll have to choose between knitted or cable CO. A loop CO here would be too weak, IMO). Sounds like the patt says to CO and then work in seed st (alt K and P).

(Image thrown tog in Paint.)


Thanks, Cam! I will keep you posted!