Cast on add. stitches for sleeves then continue pattern but;

Ok, I’ve ventured on to my first non-square thing. This sweater is knit as 1 piece. I’ve gotten my underarm increases finished no problems there. I need to cast on an additional 60 for the sleeves, got the first sleeve done, (I knit them on. I couldn’t for the life of me figure a different way.) Then knit across those new cast on’s the body and to the other sleeve where I cast the other 60 on. Now, if I knit back across again, I’ve now got 1 row on the last sleeve but 2 new on the body and 2 on the first sleeve. What am I doing wrong? Should I break my yarn at the end of the first sleeve and join at the other side and then cast on for the next sleeve? I swear I’m not an idiot, (I didn’t think so till today any way.) but this has me totally bumfuddled! Help!!!
Thanks gobs!

Don’t do anything but keep on knitting! That’s just how it is in patterns like this and when you bind off the sleeves, they’ll both have the same number of rows. Being offset one row isn’t going to show once you have it done. It won’t even show in 3 or 4 inches.


Thanks bunches! I wondered about that but wasn’t willing to take the chance that I had this odd row where I didn’t need it and have to rip the whole thing out (again).

[color=indigo]Hi Stef,

What pattern are you using for your sweater?


pattern off! I know there’s got to be a simple fix for this that I’m looking right over.
Stockinette and reverse stockinette
It’s a Kimono Cardigan I bought from Dovetail. I thought it would be an easier start to sweaters as it was knit in 1 piece. I’m starting to wonder if I shouldn’t have done my sleeves seperate and sewn them on. But there’s that sewing thing. My sewing strengths stop at buttons. lol