Cast on 6 colors

Help please!!! :wall: I need to cast for a sweater with vertical strips using 6 colors. I use continental cast on system. Getting confused.

What does the pattern say? Does it recommend a particular cast on? Can you post the beginning of the pattern?

It just says,
“With color A, cast on 18 sts; with B, cast on 12 sts; with
C, cast on 8 sts; with A, cast on 18 sts; with B cast on 12 sts;
with C, cast on 4 sts”.
Row 1 (WS) Working sts in colors as established, purl

I think your best bet is to use a knitted cast on so the stitches will be connected. You’ll have an end to weave in for each color.

I was just going to say… Where’s Ingrid? :stuck_out_tongue:

I wonder if it might be easier to cast on using one color? Any thoughts Ingrid? I’ve never done intarsia stripes.

What is your opinion. Cast on in solid color or knit cast on???

I actually think that casting on will be easier in the long run. Even if you cast on a solid row in the beginning, you’d still have to attach each yarn and would have ends. Up to you! :shrug:

Don’t mean to be thick, but you mean knit cast on with each color and just leave a loop slip knot and weave it in later?
When you weave the ends in, any hints for inexperienced little ole me. :oops: :oops:

If you cast on knitted-style with different colors, you’ll be pulling a loop of the new color through the old color when you change. That’ll leave a tail.

Knitty has a good article on weaving in ends.

When you are finished casting on with a Knitted Cast you end up with the stitches on the left needle instead of the right. The first row in my pattern calls for a purl. Would that be wrong?
It looks as if the first row should be a knit. Can you do a Knitted Cast so that it will work with my pattern.

I honestly don’t know. Go with your gut, though, since you have it right in front of you.

is Knitted cast-on = knitting cast-on in tutorial video?

Yes, Nichan, it’s the same. You cast on stitches by knitting into them.