Cast on 10, now have 32, what happened?

I am so obviously a newbie! I just started a week ago. I cast on 10 and now after awhile I have 32. What happened? I am going to start a new example but don’t want to just make the same mistake. Thanks! :smiley:

read the “mysterious extra stitch” thread!! i would bet it will answer your questions!

BTW, the reason its on a sticky is that virtually everyone does this when they first start. Don’t give up.

'tis true! Thankfully my instructor told me of this within the first few rows and showed me to knit two together if it happened to me AND showed me how it happens so that i would be aware of it. I probably would have gotten frustrated and quit if she hadn’t! (unless i found this wunnaful place first!) :thumbsup:

I do hope it helped though…if it didn’t, let us know and we will see if we can figure out what else may be causing it.