Cast Off?

Im doing this pattern and its says to cast off…is this the same as bind off :shrug: if not then what do they mean??This is the first garment i have made so this may sound stupid :oo:

This is what it says:
“When piece measures 12-12-12-13-13-13 cm cast off 1 sts on each side on every 12 cm 3 times in total = 68-74-80-88-96-106 sts.”

Thanks in advance

Yes, cast off and bind off are the same thing.

Thanks so much!!

Can anyone tell me what the best decrease is for an edge?When i do it i get stair steps…is this normal??

You know, there is a better way. I remember having learned it when I went to knitting camp, but that was 25 years ago {mid 80’s} and now I too have forgotten! Big help I am, but I’m sure someone else will be along and fill you in.