Cast off

Good morning all
In my pattern for a baby collar, it says ‘ ending with r side of back and front facing for next row . Cast off knit wise ( on ws of collar)
How can I cast off on the ws when the rs is facing. I’m obviously reading it wrong, please can you help me?

What is the name of your pattern?
If you think of the collar on a dress shirt, it folds over so that the RS is facing when worn. If you flip the collar up the WS is facing while the RS of the shirt is facing.
This may be easier to understand when you have finished the collar and are ready to bind off. Bind off on the WS of the collar and you’ll be fine.

4120 king Cole dk baby cardigan .

That’s darling. If you think of flipping the collar up, the WS will be facing at the same time that the cardigan is worn.