Cast off to match cable cast on

Knit the Luxe Neckwarmer (from Knit 2 Together). It starts with a cable cast on which I think looks very nice and tidy. Is there a cast off that mirrors this method?

I have made the neckwarmer before and used a Russian bind-off, which is stretchy, but visually different.

In the long run, it probably doesn’t really matter, but thought I’d check.


You might want to look at this page by Amy:

There are about 10 different bind off methods; hopefully one should fit your needs.

Happy Dance, I did it!

None of the videos fit the bill, so I did a little Googling and used this one and it looks good! And very similar to the one I used on the other neckwarmers, but purled instead of knit.

Purl2tog, put st back on left needle, purl2tog, put st back on left needle… continue around.