cast off neckline for sweater


I am trying to cast off neckline for the front piece of the sweater. It says:

“Cast off the middle 5 sts for V-neck and complete each side separately. Cast off 1 st on neckline on every other row: 1 st 17 times - 32 sts left on shoulder”

I have casted off 5 sts in the middle. So I will have a gap in the middle. How do I finish the sides separately? Then cast off 1 st 17 times means Do I have to cast off 1st each side for 17 times? and the total number of stitches on both the sides should be 32?


What pattern are you making? Can you give us a name or pattern link, please?
Also, how many sts do you have on the needle before the cast off of the middle 5sts.

You can finish the two sides at the same time with two separate balls of yarn or you can finish one shoulder and then start the second. This latter sounds like what the pattern has in mind so you would decrease one stitch at the neck edge only every other row until 32sts remain for that shoulder.

OK, those numbers all make sense. Yes, 32sts will remain on one shoulder after the cast off on alternate rows (49-17=32sts). You’re only decreasing at the neck edge at this point.
Once you’ve cast off for the top of the shoulder, you’ll work with the 49sts for the second side of the neck. Decrease at the neck edge on alternate rows until 17sts have been decreased and you have 32sts remaining for that shoulder.
Thanks for the pattern link. Very good-looking classic sweater.