Cast off neck edge and turn work

My pattern is king Cole 3045. Shape neck on the jacket. K1s1k1psso K5 cast of remaining 3 stitches turn and rejoin the yarn. When I get to the end to cast off the 3 stitches I have a gap and I don’t understand the turn and rejoin as I already have the yarn Attached that I would naturally use?
I would appreciate any help, Thankyou

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You have a gap before you cast off the 3 sts or after having cast off the 3sts. If you follow the pattern and cast off the last 3sts in the row your working yarn will be hanging out at the end of the bind off with one stitch on the needle. Instead of doing that, knit to the end of the row, turn as you usually do at the end of a row and now cast off 3 sts. Your yarn will then probably be in the correct position to continue.
The extra row on these last sts isn’t going to make much difference in length.

I have a gap when casting off all 3 stitches , I am left with a stitch.

Please can you tell me where I join the yarn?

OK if you want to work the cast off at the end of the row, cut the yarn leaving about a 6 inch tail to weave in later. Pull the stitch leftover on the needle so that the yarn end pulls through. That’ll fasten off the yarn and make sure it doesn’t unravel.
You’ll probably rejoin the yarn at the end of the “K5” bolded below:

K1s1k1psso K5 cast off remaining 3 stitches turn and rejoin the yarn.

It depends on the next row of the directions. What is that next row?

Decrease 1 stitch at the neck edge.
Next row- keeping neck edge straight cont to decrease 1 stitch at the eagles edge as before , on following 2 alternate rows.2sts
Next row- purl 2
K2tig fasten off.

I think I will do as you first suggested, it seems a lot simpler . :rofl:

I don’t know why a pattern would suggest binding off at the end of a row. More ends to weave in which is just about no ones favorite.
Enjoy working the rest of the sweater!

Thank you , it is very confusing.