Cast-Off Loosely? and help with pattern

I am doing a shrug pattern and I am confused as to the cast off.

The pattern calls for - "Using a 5US needle, work the trim for the left sleeve back and forth in seed stitch for one inch. (I got that) then Cast off loosely. Seam.

Question - what would be the best CO method to use?

I have never done this before. I have to do this on the right side then pick up stitches in the middle of the garment for the ribbing on I guess the top and the bottom.

The rest of the pattern as follows

Pick up stitches for ribbing:

Beginning at the back right shoulder ‘seam’ with right side facing and using the 5US needle, pich up stitches (which I have kept live) around the entire edge for ribbing as follows:

Back neck section: 20
Left Front: pick up 54
Lower back section: transfer stitches from stitch holder to the 5US needle.
Right Front: pick up 54

This gives a total number of 208 stitches. Work in K2 P2 ribbing for 1 inch. BInd offin the ribbing using the US8 needle.

Any help is welcome. This looked like a simple garment as a one skein item but now I am not so sure :aww:

You could do a regular cast off in the seed stitch pattern, but use larger needles to make it looser. The cast off is only the part where you pass the stitch over the other, `casting them off’ your needle. The other part is just working a last row.

If you don’t know how to pick up stitches, take a look at the video for it. You pretend your sweater is the left needle and starting with the live stitches, insert the right needle into a stitch on the edge of the sweater and `knit’ it. Then repeat all the way around and do the ribbing on a circular needle.

Thanks I will try looking at the video. :cool: