Cast off, k2tog at each end of row at same time???

I’m finishing up the left side of my meerkat’s head and with 7 stitches left on the needle, the last instruction states, “Cast off, knitting 2 sts tog at each end of row at the same time.”
There’s just too much going on in this last line. I know how to cast or bind off. I know how to knit 2 stitches together. But, how am I to do this at the same time at each end of the row? What am I doing at the same time and how do I do it?
:cold_sweat: Thank you.

You’re going to k2tog at the same time that you bind off.
Begin by k2tog then knit the next stitch. You’ll have 2sts on the right needle. Lift the first over the second and off the needle. Now continue to bind off until you reach the last 2sts on the left needle. K2tog, so that there are 2sts on the right needle, lift the first over and off, cut the yarn and pull through the remaining stitch.

Thank you so much. :blush: